Point Of Sale
Oyyum Point of Sale System is designed for small and medium sized retailers to manage their key store operations such as - Sales, Inventory Management, Purchasing, and Customer Management. Oyyum POS system helps retailers substantially reduce operational costs, increase productivity, make informed decisions and improve business performance.

Highlights of the Oyyum Point of Sale System include:
Sales Features:
Promotion Code Tracking
Allows you to view, reprint receipts, change, copy and void sales
View saved sales gift certificates and daily sales totals
Gift Certificates
Tax Tracking
Consolidated item listing
Serial number tracking and inventory and customer lookup functions
Bar code scanning
CC processing
Accurate pricing
Advanced returns management
Execution of Offers and Promotions
Special order handling.
Customer Management:
Customer database
History of customer purchases, payments and account information
The system provides the ability to suggest relevant up-sells and cross-sells, of sale or discounted items and provides volume discounts to a select group of customers
The system allows for automatic discounts and differential pricing based on customer buying habits
Targeted mailings can be created based on customer preferences
Inventory Management System:
Stock balancing
In-transit inventory monitoring
Lot/serial number tracking
Item/style performance tracking
Track & Manage merchandise
Seasonal discounts
Inventory tracking based on color, style etc
Inventory replenishment can be automated based on reorder point/restock level or quantities
Purchase order creation
Retail Merchandising
Multi-tier item hierarchy
Multiple price levels
Planned price changes
Automatic suggested pricing
Inventory allocation
Assortment management
Criteria-based Offers and Promotions
Customer loyalty management
Vendor management
Location management
Item image and video support
Data definition at SKU, style and group levels
Cost management
Item/style performance tracking
Ability to create various reports to sell and manage your customers. Reports can now be exported to PDF, Excel, or text file formats. Statements and Invoices can be quickly exported to a PDF file and then e-mailed to customers.
Point Of Sale
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