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Live On SMS
Bulk messaging has never been simpler and more cost effective than this.

Live On SMS allows registered users the simplest solution for sending mass SMS using only your mobile phone. No PC, no software, no complicated stuff required. Only your mobile phone!

Now run your marketing & promotional campaigns from your phone. Empower your managers to run promotions to get the crowd in during low days. Reach out to your fans and media. Send out business alerts, greetings, your favorite SMS forwards or just stay in touch with your friends and family.

You can organize your contacts in groups and send out your message to all members part of a group using Live On SMS thru your phone. You could be anywhere in the world and you would still be able to reach out to your contacts.

Get targeted biz leads
Run brand promotions
Send group messages
Send alerts to you customers
Advertise your offers
Issue information on demand
Send season’s greetings
Connect with millons
Live On SMS
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